Need ACT 48 Educational Credits?

PAIRR University is offering a course that helps Pennsylvania educators meet requirements outlined by the ACT 48 Continuing Professional Education Requirements. According to ACT 48, all certificate holders must earn 180 hours of professional development every five years.

All certified educators must complete 180 hours of professional development every five years. This must be related to an area of the professional educator’s assignment or certification (24 PS §12-1205.2(c)) and, if the educator is employed by a school entity, it must comply with the school entity’s plan. This requirement can be met with six college credits, six credits of continuing professional education courses, 180 clock hours of continuing professional education, or any combination of collegiate studies, continuing professional education courses or other programs, activities or learning experiences equivalent to 180 hours.

PAIRR University, a subsidiary of The Saving Empire, is an approved professional provider for the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The course – Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships – is designed to help our students attain 90 hours of professional development.