Educating Is Our Business

The threat of discrimination claims from parents and students has become a basic part of the landscape for school districts both small and large. Particularly since many of the new social justice initiatives became household names. Many, if not most instructional decisions pose a risk of being construed, or misconstrued, as evidence of union members intent to subject students to discrimination.

It is impossible to eliminate the risk of a claim for unlawful discrimination. In America, anyone can sue anyone for anything. However, school and union representatives can minimize the risk of discrimination claims and maximize the prospect for early resolution of non-meritorious claims by considering my approved ACT 48 Racial Equity Course. 

During discipline phase, teachers can receive the program as an alternative to a permanent write-up in a teachers personnel file. 

My name is Dr. Derrick L. Campbell. I run a training program for teachers nation-wide that is focused on improving teacher-student communication and classroom interactions based on cultural understandings. My qualifications come from helping educational institutions after already having served years in the school system completing jobs as both a teacher and as an administrator.

Being culturally inclusive is already a major challenge that we, as a nation, are now trying to overcome. My workshop is a surefire way to prepare teachers for the forth coming cultural challenges. Therefore, enabling union representative to better protect their clients from possible dismissal for perceived misconduct.