About the PAIRR University Instructor – Dr. Campbell

Race relations expert and leading author Dr. Derrick L. Campbell has seen the process for improving race relations between teachers and students fail over the decades. Is it the students? Is it the teachers? Is it leadership? Is it the parents? Or is there a different story?
Dr. Campbell has been in the trenches for over two decades as a teacher, administrator, and consultant. As a result, he has a radically different view and through his unique system has brought about a shift in the way teachers and students relate in the classroom. Dr. Campbell appreciates and shares with listeners the process required to promote positive racial teacher student classroom relationships.
Dr. Campbell is sometimes referred to as the Racism Exterminator for his ability to successfully transform the racism perceptions that students have regarding their teachers. His coaching skills brings the best out of people. His real-life infusion of practical examples and applications connects with his students in an intimate, intense, and individual level.
Dr. Campbell has served as a central office and school based administrator. He is the creator of the process that eliminates the perception of racism in schools by empowering educators to promote positive racial teacher student classroom relationships. He is the author of the book—Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships.
Dr. Campbell holds a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Rowan University. He has authored several books in the areas of improving race relations among teachers and students as well as enhancing marriages. He has hosted a radio talk show titled ‘Culturally Speaking with Doctor Derrick’. He has lectured at various locations throughout the nation, including university and school conferences, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Iron sharpens Iron Men’s Conference, local worship centers, and other civic organizations.